Personal insurance

Your home, lifestyle, and family – these are the most valuable things in life, so it makes sense to be informed when it comes to your personal insurances.

At Wayne Grayson & Associates, we understand how valuable your home, lifestyle and family are and that they need the very best protection, should something go awry. Our personal insurance specialists know how important it is for you to make an informed insurance decision when it comes to your home, contents, transport, life and family cover.

From the moment you first make contact, we are dedicated to finding the right policy for you. Our team puts in the time to get to know you and your life situation. We build our relationships on trust, so you have peace of mind knowing your needs are prioritised.

The best insurance decision is an informed insurance decision, and when it comes to security, wellbeing and passions, it’s vital to make the right decision.

Get in touch today and our personal insurance experts will help you obtain the right insurance policy for you.

  • House and contents

  • Motor vehicle and recreation

  • Life and Family

  • Mortgage and Finance

House and contents

House and contents insurance

We will never underestimate the value of your house and contents, and neither should you.

Where you live, how you live, your memories and favourite past times – these are precious and deserve a level of protection to fit. Our insurance experts will gain an in-depth understanding of your home or rental property and all contents and advise you on the right policy for you. We will also help you to understand exactly what you’re getting for your money, and how to claim when the time comes.

Don’t leave the coverage of your home and contents to chance. Get in touch with us today and make sure the things that matter the most are covered.

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Motor vehicle and recreation

Motor vehicle and recreational insurance

We offer comprehensive insurance to cover all personal vehicles and recreational watercrafts, so you can get on with enjoying your toys.

Whether your vehicle is from commuting, cruising or off-roading, you need to make sure you’re covered by the right insurance policy should you, the other driver, or the forces of nature bring harm to it. Same with your prized fishing tinny, family runabout or luxury yacht. Accidents happen and you don’t want to be stranded on dry land when the sun is shining and the water’s calling.

At Wayne Grayson, our insurance experts will get you the right policy to keep you moving.

Life and Family

Life and family insurance

Protect your family and its livelihood, by protecting your life.

By having the right life insurance policy, your family and business will be looked after when you’re gone. Our experts can design your coverage to your specific situation, including mortgage protection, family protection and partnership/keyman insurance to protect the business developed between yourself and your partner.

Mortgage and Finance

Mortgage and finance insurance

A mortgage is often the largest finance anyone will obtain. We’ll make sure you have all the information.

Whether it’s your first home or an investment property, we’re able to give you the facts to ensure you make an informed decision. Asset finance can be a minefield, but our experts are here to take the hassle out of the process and provide you with the easiest and safest lending available.

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What our directors say

I’ve been in the insurance business for a long time and I still love sharing my knowledge of the industry with my clients. It’s satisfying to know that should anything happen, they don’t need to worry. I can provide that peace of mind for them.

Craig Batty

What our directors say

Wayne Grayson & Associates is a promise to our clients. We value the informed decision and we promise to keep our clients informed at all times so they can always make the right decision when it comes to protecting their business, family and lifestyles.

Kane Butler